Mi'Jhu'Wi Ministries

Susan LaFlesche Picotte Center – Omaha Indian Reservation – Nebraska


About Mi’Jhu’Wi’s (Karen’s) family:

Grandfather: William (Lambert) Scott Walker    Born: 09-02-1895    Died: 09-24-1969
Other Members of the Family
Maggie Helen (Grant) Walker (wife)
Josephine (Walker) Webster (daughter)
Cecelia Walker (daughter)
William Walker II (son)
Leonard Steven Walker (son)
Beatrice Walker (daughter)
Evelyn Walker Grant (daughter)
Norman Charles Walker (son)
Viola Walker Promes (daughter)                    Karen’s mother
Ruth Walker (daughter)
Irene Walker Moore (daughter)


William (Lambert Scott) Walker and Maggie Helen (Grant) Walker and their first born child Josphine.  She was first of ten kids (Viola; Karen’s mom) was #7. Lambert was 44 at Viola’s birth and they still had two more kids.



Birth Certificate: Karen Marie (Harris) Hardenbrook


Birth Certificate: Viola Walker (Karen’s mother)




From the Omaha World-Herald newspaper, date March 2, 1952:

(Headress) Walter Hamilton

(Middle) John Miller

(Drum) Lambert Walker


(NOTE: These 3 went to Washington, DC and brought the change of housing on the Reservation to the first brick homes.)




“What I Want To Be When I Grow Up” — September, 1961

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